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DocMan integrates with Xperido to combine Dynamics with SharePoint plus the ability to generate complex Templates and Reports from our data in CRM. (the table here outlines the improvements that Xperido brings over the native Document Template functionality in Dynamics 365) One of the features in Xperido is the ability to generate a Document in a wide variety of.... More

DocMan, Xperido and Output Formats

Paul McQuillan | 31/12/2018 16:00:00

Sharing Documents is often a vital part of communicating letters, contracts and other longer form information with our Clients and Suppliers. However Email Attachments are not always the best way for us to do this – and so DocMan offers us three options for sharing a Document or set of Documents by Email. We first open the Dynamics.... More

Using DocMan to share Documents by Email

Paul McQuillan | 21/12/2018 08:30:00

DocMan can be used to bring multiple SharePoint Sites together within Dynamics 365. This can be useful for integrating existing SharePoint Sites into Dynamics, and controlling which Entities or Business Units then use different Sites. If we take the scenario where we have an existing SharePoint Site for storing Legal Documents, plus a second SharePoint Site tracking Documents.... More

Bringing multiple SharePoint Sites together in Dynamics

Paul McQuillan | 20/12/2018 17:00:00

Dynamics provides the excellent App for Outlook to track business related Emails into the History we have with a particular Project, Company or Contact. However any attachments to these Emails can also be dropped into CRM and both expand our CRM Database Size with large Attachments, plus prove to an ineffective place to store Documents as Dynamics lacks the.... More

Tracking Email Attachments to SharePoint

CRM Consultancy | 29/10/2018 13:00:00

The best way to use DocMan to synchronise Security from Dynamics to SharePoint is two-fold: (1) Correct use of Inheritance to ensure SharePoint Sites and Libraries mirror the hierarchy of records in Dynamics – more on this topic here. (2) Unique Permissions where necessary are then managed by Teams Looking at.... More

Using Sync Fields in DocMan to automate Dynamics-to-SharePoint Permissions

CRM Consultancy | 29/10/2018 08:00:00

Say we have a Property Management Scenario where we want to define and instruct a Job out to a Third-Party Contractor, but we want to issue out invitations to multiple potential Contractors so they can bid for the Work. In this scenario, we may have a definition of the Work or a Work Instruction + alongside several Quote Requests.... More

Using DocMan to Track Quote Submissions to a Work Instruction

Paul McQuillan | 26/10/2018 13:00:00

We working with Documents in Dynamics we will want to see not just the Documents connected with a particular Record, but all the Documents connected to that Record or any of the Record’s Child Records – the traditional ‘roll-up’ view. The most typically example is where we have a Company Record in our CRM and want to see all.... More

Using DocMan for a Documents Roll-up View in Dynamics

CRM Consultancy | 18/10/2018 08:30:00

When controlling SharePoint Permissions from Dynamics – we have an option for what level to have unique permissions vs inherited permissions from the Parent Container. The default in SharePoint is to control permissions at the Site Level, such that a Site could have Unique Permissions for Users rather than inheriting from the Parent or Top-Level Site in the Site.... More

Using DocMan – Inherited vs Unique Permissions

CRM Consultancy | 14/10/2018 13:00:00

Using DocMan, each Entity in Dynamics can be configured with a number of Rules or Maps that define what area in SharePoint should be used or created for each Record in CRM of that Entity. This is defined in the DocMan Configuration Area as the list of Metadata Entities. Each Metadata Entity containing the Rules and Configuration for.... More

Unique Permissions for Document Libraries and Folders as well as Sites

CRM Consultancy | 13/10/2018 13:00:00

The security models in Dynamics and SharePoint work under quite different models, and this means there is no out-of-the-box integration to keep Security for Documents in-sync with Security in CRM. So we often have a common requirement to bring the two systems together and have a manageable security model between the two. DocMan enables functionality in Dynamics that.... More

Using DocMan to integrate Security from Dynamics to SharePoint

CRM Consultancy | 12/10/2018 13:00:00

DocMan allows us to integrate Dynamics and SharePoint with Azure Cognitive Services, and this supports Image Recognition and reading Text from Images. One of the obvious use-cases for this functionality is to scan Business Cards and insert the Details into Dynamics as a new Lead. This takes the Image uploaded into SharePoint, reads the text from the Business.... More

Using DocMan and Cognitive Services as a Business Card Reader

CRM Consultancy | 08/10/2018 08:30:00

Content Types are a brilliant feature in SharePoint, allowing each Document to be uploaded with a discernible type and set of attributes - his helps us in adding meaning to each document we store and improving how we search and find information in SharePoint. The challenge has been that customising SharePoint to define our list of Content Types and.... More

Publishing Content Types from Dynamics to SharePoint

CRM Consultancy | 07/10/2018 08:00:00

Tracking Metadata for your Documents in SharePoint is invaluable – it allows you to see key facts about a Document at a glance, control Document Workflow and make searching for Documents quicker and easier On the other hand, remembering to manually set the Metadata for a Document in CRM or Word is a chore. And as with anything.... More

Using Cognitive Services and DocMan for automatic Document Recognition

CRM Consultancy | 05/10/2018 15:00:00


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