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This is the area for the dark arts of development, and in particular, web and mobile development. Dynamics and all CRM is all about business rather than technology, but having a good grasp of the technical components running behind the scenes of Dynamics and the Cloud makes for better technical consultancy which we find leads to better business decisions

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So you’ve started using Dynamics CRM, got stuck in, set up all your customisations, fields and forms, and started using your system in live across the business – then great, the hard part is over! But – what happens when you want to make changes, or conduct Training outside of your live environment. For this, you need a.... More

Get in the Sandbox

Paul McQuillan | 21/10/2019 16:00:00

If you have an existing Tenant of Dynamics 365, then you can easily trial Dynamics 365 for Marketing by adding a new Environment to your Tenant specifically for Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This is completely free to evaluate the Marketing functionality for 30 days – and as a separate environment will avoid any overlap with your existing use of.... More

Getting Started with a Dynamics 365 for Marketing Trial

Paul McQuillan | 15/10/2019 08:00:00

Using Dynamics 365, we can create new Word Documents from Templates we have built and stored in CRM. These templates can pull data from the CRM Records into the new Word Document and so auto-populate the Document with useful information from CRM – this can be particularly useful for producing Letters, Orders or Contractual Documents based on the Address,.... More

Generating New Documents to SharePoint in Dynamics

Paul McQuillan | 14/10/2019 08:00:00

DocMan for Dynamics tracks events in CRM to integrate these into SharePoint in the correct fashion. This can help keep storage between the two cloud systems up to date with new records being created, renamed or deleted. The most notably event is when a new Record is created in Dynamics, this then creates a new Area in SharePoint.... More

Integrating Changes in Dynamics to SharePoint

Paul McQuillan | 14/10/2019 08:00:00

Segments within Dynamics 365 for Marketing are a great way of breaking down your database down into more focused groups. The first thing to understand about segments is that there are 3 types. Static, Dynamic and Compound. If you have used Marketing Lists then you will be familiar with how Static and Dynamic lists work and a Segment.... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Segments

Ciaran Reynolds | 10/10/2019 16:30:00

Authenticating your domains within Dynamics for Marketing is beneficial for a number of reasons. They give your marketing emails credibility, meaning your carefully put together newsletter won’t end up in the junk/spam folder. In order to authenticate your domain you will need to add a few records to your domain. For this example we will be using GoDaddy. .... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Authenticating Domains

Ciaran Reynolds | 09/10/2019 17:02:00

Dynamics for Marketing makes adhering to GDPR much easier through the use of subscription centres. Dynamics for Marketing blocks you from sending out marketing emails, unless you provide an unsubscribe link. This blog post will show you how to manage your subscription centre and customise your unsubscribe form. By default Dynamics for Marketing creates a subscription centre form.... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Managing Subscription Centres

Ciaran Reynolds | 09/10/2019 16:34:42

We can use Dynamics for Marketing to build a schedule of Social Media Posts to help the performance of a particular Campaign or Landing Page. This can be done by configuring a Social Media Channel such as Twitter or Facebook and then posting from Dynamics into this Channel. Taking Twitter as an example, our first step to implementing.... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Social Media Scheduling

Paul McQuillan | 26/09/2019 10:00:00

Email Marketing is a common feature for publishing Newsletters and Product Updates to both new potential Leads or updates to existing Customers – and can form a cornerstone of a good Content Management strategy. Continuing our look at Dynamics for Marketing, we can see how the functionality handles managing Email Templates and pushing out bulk Emails to Contacts. .... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Templates and Marketing Email Messages

Ciaran Reynolds | 25/09/2019 10:00:00

Customer Journey’s reflect how a New Lead may be generated and then marketed to in order to qualify and convert into a new Customer. This defines the flow of marketing activities that we move a potential new customer through to start building the Sale. This concept of the Marketing Journey is then similar to a traditional Sales Process.... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Customer Journey

Paul McQuillan | 23/09/2019 14:00:00

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a new and exciting marketing suite offered by Microsoft, which integrates with your instance of Dynamics 365 as an additional App. Marketing is something that Dynamics has always allowed you to do but the truth was that there were better 3rd products available;  from 2018, Microsoft has decided to take things.... More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Ciaran Reynolds | 23/09/2019 10:00:00

We were pleased to demo DocMan at the Future Lawyer Week in May 2019, and covered how we think Apps in the Microsoft Cloud will increasingly become the basis of Corporate and Legal Solutions. Both Apps built internally by Citizen Developers, Consultants and PowerApps working together -  and Commercial Apps built by Developers such as ourselves to provide specific.... More

Presenting DocMan at Future Lawyer Week

CRM Consultancy | 03/06/2019 11:30:00

Duplicate data in any CRM system can make a single view of the customer difficult and crucially hinder user adoption. In a way, duplicate data fits a similar fashion as the ‘broken window’ theory of policing, small doses are often unavoidable but letting the problem pile up can result in the failure of the project. Fortunately Dynamics 365.... More

Correcting Duplicate Data in Dynamics

Paul McQuillan | 20/02/2019 10:00:00

In earlier versions of Dynamics we were restricted to only showing fields from that entity at a time – however from CRM 2015 onwards, we have being able to add Quick View Forms into our design of a Form for an Entity. This allows us to ‘peek’ into a related Record and see a (read-only) view of that related.... More

Quick View Forms

Paul McQuillan | 08/02/2019 13:00:00

Roll-up Fields in Dynamics allow us to perform a SUM or COUNT of Child Records that then ‘rolls-up’ to a Parent Record. The most obvious example of this could be a simple COUNT of the Number of Opportunities recorded in CRM for a particular Client – so we could then view a simple Number in the Account Form that.... More

Creating a Simple Rollup Field

Paul McQuillan | 08/02/2019 08:30:00

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