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Making a Field Required in the Business Process Flow

   Words by Paul McQuillan

   on 06/02/2019 09:00:00

Using Business Process Flows in Dynamics, we can split Fields into Stages to help the User work through the Flow of a particular Business Process.

One of the beneficial elements here for the Flow is that we can make different Fields Required so that we enforce that this Field is populated before allowing an Opportunity, Case or other ‘transactional’ record to be advanced into the next stage in the flow.

We can do this by:

1. Opening our Business Process Flow in Dynamics

2. Clicking the DETAILS dropdown on the Stage we want to change – this will show us the list of Fields (or Data Steps in CRM speak) that we show for this particular Stage.

3. Highlighting the Field / Data Step we want to make Required, and then clicking the Required Tickbox for this Field.


4. Click UPDATE to save and publish our change to the Business Process Flow

5. This will have the impact of enforcing this Field in the Flow:


The Field or Fields will be shown with the usual Dynamics Red Asterisk and we cannot click into NEXT STAGE until each of these Fields has been populated.

In our case here, blocking us from advancing the Setup Stage into Trial until the relevant Account Number has been specified – and so ensuring the Account has been setup correctly before commencing their Trial of our Product for the Opportunity.

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