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Upgrading Dynamics CRM 2011 to CRM 2016 (v8)

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 25/08/2016 10:00:00


If you have worked with Dynamics CRM over time, then you will remember just how big an improvement CRM 2011 was over CRM 4 – bringing Dashboards, a new (back then!) and improved Office 2010 Interface, Field Level Security and the concept of Solutions amongst others. (In fact, back in 2010, I wrote a series of excitable blog articles looking forward to the new version of the solution.)

Five years later and CRM 2011, whilst still brilliant in many ways, is looking a little more long in the tooth.

However it is not at all uncommon to still have Clients using CRM 2011, as the leapt to the new Interface and approach of CRM 2013 can be a big leap – particularly for a heavily bespoke solution.

We recently completed a project to upgrade Dynamics CRM 2011 all the way up to CRM 2016, a process which involves upgrading the existing CRM Database first to 2013, then to 2015, and finally to 2016; and so not a process for the faint hearted!

Going through the steps in our Dev/Test Environment, it did give a good picture of how the Dynamics CRM Platform has evolved over the time:

CRM 2011


CRM 2013


CRM 2015


CRM 2016


Upgrading from 2011 up to 2016 poses a few technical challenges, and so the following ‘gotcha’ articles may be useful if you are contemplating a similar upgrade:

Fixing the SiteMap after Upgrade

Fix getServerUrl Script Error

In the next few years after CRM 2016?  Onwards to Dynamics 365.

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