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Using DocMan – Inherited vs Unique Permissions

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 14/10/2018 13:00:00

When controlling SharePoint Permissions from Dynamics – we have an option for what level to have unique permissions vs inherited permissions from the Parent Container.

The default in SharePoint is to control permissions at the Site Level, such that a Site could have Unique Permissions for Users rather than inheriting from the Parent or Top-Level Site in the Site Collection.

This level of permissions is then inherited to all Document Libraries and Folders within the Site, so the Permissions at the Site Level define everything else.

However we can make this more granular using DocMan to publish permissions to SharePoint that are specific to an individual Document Library or Folder – particularly as these Libraries or Folders are created in Dynamics 365.

We can do this by reviewing the Rules we have in place for a particular Entity in Dynamics:


We can then review the Rule that creates the Site, Document Library or Folder for a Record, and setting the Inherit Permissions Drop-down to Unique Permissions.


This will specify that each Folder created for that Entity (in this case, Investment) will come with a Unique Set of Permissions, rather than simply inheriting from the Site or containing Document Library.

So when creating a new Investment, the resulting Folder will come with a Unique Set of Permissions, as shown in SharePoint when we browse to the Security Settings for that Folder:


We can control this set of permissions from Dynamics by updating the Access Group:


This will then change the permissions in SharePoint for that Folder:


Giving us security on a Folder by Folder basis where required as a result of the configuration to Unique Permissions.

This distinction between Inherited or Unique Permissions for different levels in SharePoint and Dynamics can be best summarised in the following diagram:


So we can use this model to best manage the Security between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint in the most suitable way – either simpler Inherited Permissions, or Unique Permissions where required.

In many ways this is a similar article to Unique Permissions for Document Libraries and Folders as well as Sites but taking a look from a different angle in terms of Inheritance vs Unique Permissions.  This article similarly also builds on the earlier post for Using DocMan to integrate Security from Dynamics to SharePoint.

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