• CRM for Property?

    We have experience working with PropTech to transform Dynamics CRM into a solution tailored for Lettings and Property Management.

CRM For Property


We have experience working with PropTech to transform Dynamics CRM into a solution tailored for Lettings and Property Management.

This combines CRM with Cloud Innovation alongside our experience in building, managing and supporting Property Sector Solutions:

For your Team
Empower your team with access to key market information and relationship data both in the office and on the move using an user-friendly any location, any device approach.
For your Partners
Build better relationships with your Clients, Landlords, Partners by using the cloud to share data and activities using powerful responsive portals.
For Managers
Help drive performance using a powerful bespoke Workflow Engine that enables client or property specific processes to be built in minutes rather than days - to build your teams diaries for maximum client performance. Analyse your performance in real-time by pulling data from a variety of sources into a single layer of property specific dashboards.


CRM for Property provides a responsive touch interface that builds on tried and tested designs to promote adoption by your sales and service teams.

  • Works in any Browser or Tablet.
  • Builds on Dynamics CRM for maximum Usability and Productivity.
  • Integrates with Outlook
  • App for iPhones and Mobile Devices

For Lettings and Property Sales

  • Track New Leads and Enquiries from Multiple Channels - from the Web, Property Portals, Email or ad-hoc.
  • Build a consistent process for tracking New Business and potential Gap Opportunities
  • Share key information and documents with the Prospective Tenant or Vendor throughout
  • Regular Invoicing for Lettings and Corporate Landlords
  • Clear Management of Sale Progression for Property Sales
  • Report on a consistent Pipeline to promote a clear view of Team Performance

For Property Managers

  • Integration with Google Maps and Postcode Anywhere to deliver a locational view of your business.
  • Platform for managing Property Contractors and 3rd Party Suppliers
  • Track and share Contracts, Documents and Service Requests with Suppliers
  • Inventory Management in the field via Cloud Apps
  • Track Job Completion and Performance

For Asset Managers

  • Build complex Workflows quickly and easily to help manage your Teams Diaries
  • Empowers Client Service by allowing a bespoke service to be delivered for each Client
  • Track spend on each Property to produce up to date balances on assets
  • Report in real-time back to your Clients using responsive portals


  • Flexible platform ready to be tailored to suit your business.
  • Built to be customised and move quickly to keep pace with change
  • Able to respond to the moving target of client requirements.

Management Reporting

  • Management Reporting via flexible interactive Dashboards
  • Ask questions of your data to uncover trends and analytics
  • Collect data via CRM, Outlook and Portals to then analyse in a 'big-data' approach - either via our propriety Web Dashboards or via Qlikview integrated with CRM

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Our solution is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the Property Sector to build better relationships with their Clients, Tenants, Landlords and Suppliers. If this sounds like we can help your business, then please contact us today to discuss and demo our solution.

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Our Experience

  • Experience implementing CRM within the Property Sector
  • Our Product is a Solution and Service, not software

Power of the Dynamics Platform

  • Powerful Flexible Platform powered by the Microsoft or Partner Cloud
  • Built for the new ways of working - mobile first, cloud first, quick iterative design

Proven Apps and Extensions

  • Our IP to free data to collaborate across Apps, Portals and Integration
  • Partnering with the Best Tools in the Market

Don't just take our word for it, please click here to see a reference for our CRM for Property Solution from Countrywide Plc, Britain's largest Estate Agent and Property Services Group.

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