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  • Do I need CRM?

    Build better customer relationships, measure business successes and manage your people better.

Do I Need CRM?

In our experience we often find three reasons for looking at whether you need CRM:

  1. Making do with an array of spreadsheets?
  2. Using an older system that is reaching its limits?
  3. Using a series of disconnected applications or cloud services but the lack of integration is starting to limit productivity?

If so, don't be alarmed, you are in good company - many businesses both large and small hit these challenges.

Say no to Excel

Whilst Techies and Business Consultants can preach the wisdom of a joined up approach and seamless system integration for better productivity - the truth of implementing this change is difficult, and sometimes systems can evolve over time whilst we are deep in building the business.

However this can ultimately hold businesses back, and keep limiting factors that constrain what the business is capable of - this can lead to Business as Usual taking priority over planning for the future.

"Before CRM, our Sales Team Leaders spent 2 days a week pulling together Reports for their monthly meetings - so the meeting became more about the reports, and not about what strategy we needed as a result of the reports"

Sales Manager, Retail Wholesale Customer

CRM is the Strategy we put in place to help this process, so we focus our business on our Customers and how we promote our Sales, Service and Marketing rather than being too knee-deep in the mechanics of internal BAU.

To do this, we look at how a CRM Solution can work in tandem with a business to implement strong reliable processes for Sales, Service and Marketing – and how the Cloud is increasingly allowing these processes to directly interact with our Customers, Suppliers and Partners and for a stronger quicker and ultimately more efficient way of doing business.

Why CRM?

Customer is King

Better relationships lead to better business.

Customers increasingly identify with companies that are open and engaging - better service and engagement gives dividends over competing on price.

Online is providing new opportunities for business to grow and bring to market much quicker than previously.

Take advantage of disruptive technology in your marketplace.

One size does not fit all

True CRM Solutions are Platforms - not fixed systems.

Each supported by an interconnected array of Functionality, Apps, Reporting and Portals.

This allows "best of breed" solutions without losing the bespoke nature of the business - Cloud CRM.

Evolutionary - rather than Revolutionary.

Better Business

What gets measured gets done.

Simplify Reporting around key performance indicators to build productivity

Manageable processes for consistency in the business.

Empower your teams with data across the business via Integration and building a Social Business.

"Previously we would print out a Client Update Review for every Property we managed, and so bring a binder of 100 or so reports into the review meeting each month - now the Client can log into our CRM Portal at any time and view the Update for any given Property."

Property Asset Manager, CRM for Property Customer
Cloud-based CRM Solutions

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology is changing the way we do business and enabling small companies to 'disrupt' established businesses through better collaboration with Customers and stronger business processes. Cloud CRM and Social CRM are two technologies which are helping enable this trend.

What kind of CRM do I need?

Once you have settled on whether CRM can help your business grow, the next question is what CRM or who from.

Ultimately we would always advise that the business comes first, and the right CRM for you is one that best suits the needs and culture of your business.

Pick your CRM?

Trusted Vendor

Select the right vendor for your business - trust and a good relationship are crucial.

Every business has their own culture, and picking a vendor that matches this culture is key.

Proven Technology Competency so you are not getting bogged down with.

Ideally having industry experience in your sector - so they talk your language.

Account Management working towards your Business Goals - not ticking off functional requirements.


Has the functionality and support for your industry.

Be this Sales, Service, Marketing, Reporting or other areas - ensure a good mix of Configuration, Customisation and Development can give you the right solution without high development costs.

Avoid reinventing the wheel!

Scalable for the Future

Think for the future, look for a CRM Platform that can support your business for 5 - 10 years.

Ensure your business is not constrained by the technology selected.

Good technology support available in your vendor or local selection of vendors.

CRM as a Partnership for ongoing Support and Account Management to best User Adoption - avoid the upfront project and poor post-implementation support.

Team & Technology ...

We are experts in working with Microsoft Dynamics, and think this is the best platform for delivering excellence in CRM.

The Team

  • We have years of experience building CRM Solutions that work for the business - we do this by ensuring we have a tight business case for CRM, and then building the right team between your business and our team.
  • Every project is different and so needs its own unique considerations, but we think building this team and the right collocation and project agility results in success.


  • Dynamics CRM interface built to effortlessly browse your data, news and dashboards.
  • Responsive Design works to work on any device
  • App for iPhones and Mobile Devices


  • Integrates with Outlook for easy tracking of Email and Appointments
  • Track relationships through Outlook, CRM and Mobile with the aid of Workflow to build better quicker business processes
  • Do more

The Hub

  • Create your Business Hub using Dynamics open architecture to integrate and share information across your business
  • Using Web API and Portal to collaborate information between your Business, your Customers and your Suppliers through CRM
  • Create Customer Centric Processes for the best in Relationship Management


  • Flexible platform ready to be tailored to suit your business.
  • Built to be customised and move quickly to keep pace with change
  • Able to respond to the moving target of client requirements.

Management Reporting

  • Management Reporting via flexible interactive Dashboards
  • Ask questions of your data to uncover trends and analytics
  • Collect data via CRM, Outlook and Portals to then analyse in a 'big-data' approach - either via our propriety Web Dashboards or via Qlikview integrated with CRM

Do I need CRM?

If you think your business could benefit from our CRM approach using our experience and the power of Dynamics CRM, then please contact us to setup an initial scoping meeting to review how we could help.

I Need CRM - Lets Talk!

Our Experience

  • Experience implementing CRM within the Property Sector
  • Our Product is a Solution and Service, not software

Power of the Dynamics Platform

  • Powerful Flexible Platform powered by the Microsoft or Partner Cloud
  • Built for the new ways of working - mobile first, cloud first, quick iterative design

Proven Apps and Extensions

  • Our IP to free data to collaborate across Apps, Portals and Integration
  • Partnering with the Best Tools in the Market

Don't just take our word for it, please click here to see a reference for our CRM for Property Solution from Countrywide Plc, Britain's largest Estate Agent and Property Services Group.

I'd Like To Know More

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  • "Paul has made a real difference to how my team of 24 people record and store valuable customer data and sales opportunities. Highly recommended."

    James, Operations Director

  • "Understanding your business allows us to advise when to implement aspects of CRM and, likewise, when not to."

    Paul McQuillan, Managing Director

  • "Dynamics 365 and CRMCS have made a real lasting difference to our business, allowing us to replace older systems that were holding back our performance."

    Grahame, Chief Operating Officer

  • "James worked well with us to help connect CRM with Outlook and relate how this might benefit our team using CRM for Property Care."

    Natalie, Property Care Supervisor

  • "Matt was really good with helping us run User Testing on the new Compliance Module of our CRM System."

    Tom, Compliance Administrator

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