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DocMan for Dynamics

Be productive. Be compliant.

Improve your productivity

Generate quotes, invoices, contracts or any document imaginable from CRM and store them securely in SharePoint with a single-click.

DocMan generates your documents via Xperido, the best-in-breed tool for document generation, and stores the documents directly in SharePoint — without your users ever needing to leave Dynamics.

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Increase your lead conversion using eSignatures to make document signing an easy, headache-free process.

Get Client buy-in immediately by sending Contracts, Quotes and Orders for instant eSignature - and do it directly from CRM, with the results stored in SharePoint.


Make sure you're compliant with the GDPR. DocMan allows you to stay ahead of the game and avoid getting stung by the new legislation.

The business with good data thrives in the Internet era — but this comes with responsibilities in how we store, manage and secure our data. GDPR makes these responsibilities legal, and to keep compliant we need to ensure our Unstructured Data (Emails, Attachments and Documents) are brought into good governance.

The DocMan App brings Dynamics and SharePoint together to help deliver this compliance in one neat package — this can help with Subject Access Requests and maintaining Individual Rights.

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Your Rules

Your key to storing data and staying one step ahead of legislation.

Store Documents associated to your Customer, Opportunity or Quote data in Dynamics; applying the strong relational functionality of CRM to how we store Documents for strong compliance.

The DocMan App builds on the basic out-of-the-box link from Dynamics to SharePoint by removing the standard limitations and allows you to define the way the structure of Sites, Document Libraries and Folders you want in place for tracking Contracts, Letters and other Documents.

Manage your Data Real Estate

Keep your data well managed between CRM and SharePoint as a one-stop-shop.

Avoid the 'bloat' of different systems, laptops and network drives — this keeps your data real estate to a manageable structure that helps define the Information you hold for GDPR compliance.


Track what types of documents you hold using Content Types, and tag Metadata to these documents.

This can help us with:

  • Identifying the source of the Documents you hold, and who this Document can be shared with for compliance of the Information you hold.
  • Annotating Documents with Notes, Tags, Version Management and other Metadata to help teams work with documents productively.
  • Searching of Documents by these tags to quickly find a specific document or group of documents.

Metadata can be easily added in a simple User Interface, or configured to populate automatically based on any field or condition in CRM.

Email Attachments

Store your email attachments in SharePoint to comply wityh GDPR.

Many businesses have key client information floating in Email Attachments — this can be unstructured and uncompliant in how we are storing key data.

Dynamics allows us to easily Track Emails from Office 365 into CRM — and the DocMan App improves this by stripping out Attachments and storing these in SharePoint as well governed and secured information. This keeps data out of email attachments and keeps us compliant.

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The cloud makes it easy

Dynamics and SharePoint make a good team, and combining with Xperido and DocMan makes this a great team.

We bring this together into one solution for your business — giving you excellent CRM and Document Management in a one-stop-shop.

Dynamics 365, SharePoint, DocMan & Xperido
Per user, per month
Dynamics 365, SharePoint & DocMan only
Per user, per month

Click here for further information on Dynamics 365

Already using Dynamics?

If you are already using Dynamics and want to add Document Management, then we can add DocMan as an App into your existing solution:

DocMan for Dynamics and SharePoint with Xperido
Per user, per month
DocMan for Dynamics and SharePoint
Per user, per month

Become a reseller?

Want to include DocMan in your Project or add to your portfolio of Apps for Dynamics — then contact us to discuss options for how you could resell DocMan to your clients for better Document Management.

Tech Particulars

The DocMan App combines the strengths of CRM and SharePoint in a single solution, and offers the following functionality:

  • Configurable structure for how SharePoint should store Documents in relation to CRM Records — mapping locations based on Entity Types, Relationships or Fields in CRM.
  • View SharePoint files and documents within CRM
  • Drag and Drop Documents into SharePoint from CRM
  • Deletes and Renames in CRM automatically synch with SharePoint
  • Add New Documents directly into SharePoint from CRM using Bespoke Word Templates
  • Rollup of Documents to show all documents at the Company or Project level when required.
  • Automatic tracking of Email Attachments into SharePoint for Emails tracked from the Dynamics App for Outlook
  • Configure your list of Content Types and Metadata in CRM to publish into SharePoint
  • Easy editing of each Document's Metadata in CRM
  • Works with Office 365, Partner Hosted or On-Premise Dynamics and SharePoint, or any combination. (for SharePoint On-Premise and Dynamics Online or vice versa)
  • Can be used to connect CRM to a range of SharePoint Sites — to allow different entities in CRM to integrate with different sites.

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