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Bring CRM and Document Management together with Dynamics & SharePoint to improve productivity, compliance and user adoption.

DocMan for Dynamics

DocMan is an App for Dynamics 365 aimed at integrating Documents and Automation into CRM for better compliance, productivity and user adoption. The App works by integrating SharePoint as a part of Office 365 into the heart of Dynamics to provide a single solution for your Users and Teams whether they are working with records or documents in CRM.
This brings together 'unstructured data' of Documents and Emails alongside 'structured data' in CRM with a single, integrated interface, to help best manage the audit of data stored by your business.
The App is built on our years of experience in Asset Management and Complex Case Management systems where Compliance and Document Management is key. Our aim with DocMan is to make the ultimate integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.


Bring best practise into your business with good management and governance of SharePoint within Dynamics. Configure your structure for how documents should be stored alongside records in CRM — this can involve any combination of Sites, Sub-sites, Libraries and/or Folders to work the way you do. Meta-data to tag documents to bring better document organisation, filtering and searching.

DocMan is capable of creating new SharePoint structures in response to CRM, or plugging into existing SharePoint structures to bring Dynamics and SharePoint together.


Increase your productivity by creating, sending and sharing documents within Dynamics. Generate new documents from complex templates and store compliantly in a single click. Use rich email templates to send emails from Dynamics in a single click. Powered by Xperido for the best of breed document tool alongside Dynamics and SharePoint.


Help Data Access Compliance by having a robust security model integrated seamlessly between Dynamics and SharePoint.

Manage Access Teams that synchronise between CRM and SharePoint for strong management of security between CRM records and documents. Control security for each step in your hierarchy so that only select users or teams can access documents for particular Companies, Projects, Opportunities or any other area we track within CRM.

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