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Bring CRM and Document Management together with Dynamics & SharePoint to improve productivity, compliance and user adoption.

DocMan for Dynamics

DocMan is an App for Dynamics 365 aimed at integrating Documents and Automation into CRM for better compliance, productivity and user adoption. The App works by integrating SharePoint as a part of Office 365 into the heart of Dynamics to provide a single solution for your Users and Teams whether they are working with records or documents in CRM.
This brings together 'unstructured data' of Documents and Emails alongside 'structured data' in CRM with a single, integrated interface, to help best manage the audit of data stored by your business.
The App is built on our years of experience in Asset Management and Complex Case Management systems where Compliance and Document Management is key. Our aim with DocMan is to make the ultimate integration between Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.
Cloud / On-Prem / Hybrid
Connects any combination of On-Prem, Cloud or Hosted
No-code Config
Setup how you want SharePoint and Dynamics to work together
No Upfront Cost
Cloud App with a simple Monthly cost
Future Proof
Highly extensible alongside the Microsoft Cloud

Drag and Drop

Make it easy for your teams, simply drag and drop documents, emails and attachments into Dynamics and have these stored in SharePoint with the right structure behind things.

Get Organised — Quick

DocMan can hook into Dynamics and start building your way of storing Documents in minutes — any structure of SharePoint Sites, Libraries and Folders can be implemented simply using our powerful rules engine.


Stop losing email attachments in Outlook — DocMan will seamlessly move Tracked Attachments into SharePoint and store them more compliantly.

Start using your Cloud.

If you are using Dynamics 365, you will more likely than not already have SharePoint working away behind the scenes — DocMan puts this to use to start working with the cloud better.

More Productive

Content Types are the hidden gem in SharePoint that makes for better management of Documents, Metadata and Workflow — but often this is not used to its full potential.
DocMan joins the dots to allow Content Types to be published from Dynamics to SharePoint, and then integrate Dynamics Workflow and Actions into how you handle Documents.


Dynamics and SharePoint don't normally see eye to eye when it comes to security — making it easy to have key documents or documents area more available than they should be. DocMan brings the two together to make for an easy mechanism of managing SharePoint Security through Teams in CRM.

Customers Using DocMan

Within SharePoint Online we can create Modern Team Sites, and these can be integrated into Microsoft Teams to support multiple channels of collaboration in Teams. This can be driven from Dynamics 365 using DocDrive365 – so that each record in Dynamics results in a New Team, or contributes to an Existing Team. The following steps aim to show.... More

Creating a Microsoft Teams Site from DocDrive365

Paul McQuillan | 26/03/2020 10:00:00

We’ve seen how DocMan can integrate Documents from SharePoint into Dynamics – however many industries also need to track galleries of photos to a Project, Case or Asset. Photos and Images have a different form factor where simply viewing as a top-down list is less than efficient. To do this better, DocMan provides a dedicated Photos Tab that.... More

DocMan Day Seven: Photo Libraries

Paul McQuillan | 09/12/2019 08:00:00

Sharing Documents is often a vital part of communicating letters, contracts and other longer form information with our Clients and Suppliers. However Email Attachments are not always the best way for us to do this – and so DocMan offers us three options for sharing a Document or set of Documents by Email. We first open the Dynamics.... More

DocMan Day Six: Sharing Documents by Email

Paul McQuillan | 29/11/2019 08:00:00

One problem that could often occur with Dynamics to SharePoint integration is where a Record in Dynamics would be renamed, and this would leave the Folder or Document Library in SharePoint with a now out of date name. DocMan resolves this problem by picking up on any changes in Dynamics that should be reflected in SharePoint. We can.... More

DocMan Day Four: Renaming Document Locations

Paul McQuillan | 24/11/2019 13:00:00

We have seen how DocMan can create new Document Libraries and Folders to records in Dynamics, and how related records can form the structure for how our documents are stored. We can also look at the concept of ‘bucket’ folders that can build not just a Folder for a Record, but also other ways of dividing record’s document locations.... More

DocMan Day Three: Opportunities and Bucket Folders

Paul McQuillan | 24/11/2019 11:00:00

Moving on from how we can see Accounts in Dynamics creating Folders in SharePoint using a more configurable structure, we can then look at a related Entity to Accounts such as Contact. Typically Contacts we track in Dynamics will be related to a particular Company, and we may want to store Documents in a way that reflects this relationship..... More

DocMan Day Two – Contacts as Sub-Folders from the Account

Paul McQuillan | 20/11/2019 14:00:00

Once we have the DocMan App installed into our Tenant of Dynamics 365, we can open the App and start exploring how this integrates Dynamics with SharePoint. If we open an Account Record in the App, this will Open the Record via a simple Dynamics Form. This Form contains the DocMan Panel, this will ‘peek’ into SharePoint to.... More

DocMan Day One – Accounts in Dynamics, Folders in SharePoint

Paul McQuillan | 20/11/2019 10:00:00

Since we started developing DocMan there was always a challenge to how quickly we can install and release to a Customer. We wanted to get away from the bad old world of ‘big integrations’ that could cost a large chunk of Consultancy Time and limit the agility for how a Customer’s handles their Document Management. We aimed to.... More

DocMan Wizard

Paul McQuillan | 20/11/2019 08:00:00

  • "Paul has made a real difference to how my team of 24 people record and store valuable customer data and sales opportunities. Highly recommended."

    James, Operations Director

  • "Understanding your business allows us to advise when to implement aspects of CRM and, likewise, when not to."

    Paul McQuillan, Managing Director

  • "Dynamics 365 and CRMCS have made a real lasting difference to our business, allowing us to replace older systems that were holding back our performance."

    Grahame, Chief Operating Officer

  • "James worked well with us to help connect CRM with Outlook and relate how this might benefit our team using CRM for Property Care."

    Natalie, Property Care Supervisor

  • "Matt was really good with helping us run User Testing on the new Compliance Module of our CRM System."

    Tom, Compliance Administrator

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