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Attachments and Emails are most organisations biggest single risk of data breach or in lost information.
DocMan avoids this risk by tracking Emails and Attachments directly from Outlook and into the relevant area of SharePoint for the CRM Record that the Email is regarding.
This makes tracking attachments easy, and so helps your teams avoid losing useful information and documents in the maze of incoming and outgoing emails.

How can DocMan help?

DocMan builds upon the existing integration between Outlook and Dynamics to bring SharePoint and good document governance into Email:

  • Track an Email from Outlook to Dynamics in a single-click
  • DocMan brings the Attachments for that Email into the SharePoint area for that record in Dynamics
  • This helps promote key business information out of individual Inboxes and into the shared view in CRM; and so help build the 'single version of truth' of the relationship and key information we have between our business and the customer.
  • Avoid Data Breaches by moving Personal Data out of Emails and into the structured and secure store that is Dynamics and SharePoint.
  • For sending Documents to Customers and Suppliers, DocMan allows us to use Secure Links and avoid Attachments all together. This helps GDPR Compliance by better tracking who we have sent documents to, who is accessing the document, and avoiding the copy'n'paste approach of attachments.
  • Many businesses have key client information floating in Email Attachments — this can be unstructured and uncompliant in how we are storing key data.

    Dynamics allows us to easily Track Emails from Office 365 into CRM — and the DocMan App improves this by stripping out Attachments and storing these in SharePoint as well governed and secured information. This keeps data out of email attachments and keeps us compliant.

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