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Better email

We love Dynamics, but would be the first to admit the Email Template Editor is not the best, and struggles when we come to more complex templates that involve images and other dynamic content.
DocMan improves this by allowing us to create and edit Email Templates in Microsoft Word, bringing the power of the XpertDocs Platform into Dynamics.
This enables better templates with stronger formatting and easy use of images and other assets — this allows users to generate new emails from records via a 1-click interface, and also automate emails from trigger points in business process flows.

We've done the hard work.

DocMan uses the same principle for generating new Documents and applies to this Emails, allowing us to generate a new email from a template in a click.

This works alongside our usual functionality in attaching any selected Document to the Email — either via Secure Link or traditional attachment depending on preference.

  • Highlight the Document we want to send to a Customer
  • Click 'Generate Email' and then select the Template we want to use for our Email
  • This will open the Email in CRM showing us:
    • The Email Body generated by our selected Template
    • Attachment for the highlighted document
    • To and CC pre-populated based on the Quote in CRM.

Next level

Email Trigger Points can be established using normal CRM Workflow, or via specific DocMan Distribution Actions to automatically send an Email based on a particular Template and attaching a Document or range of Documents. These trigger points can then be embedded in Dynamic Business Process Flows to help automate communication to customers and suppliers throughout the process of a Case, Opportunity or other transaction in CRM.

How DocMan does it ...

This uses our integration with XpertDoc to generate the Email from a Template easily editable using Microsoft Word. This integration with XpertDoc allows us to generate new documents and add these into SharePoint, and similarly generate new emails and send through CRM.

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