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Metadata in DocMan

Documents can often be 'just there' meaning we lose crucial business information, and means tagging, searching and filtering is that little bit more difficult.
DocMan empowers us to store each Document with a Content Type and associated pack of Metadata to help us track where that Document fits into our business.
This can give us a Document Type, Security Level, or any other metadata imaginable — and this can be automatically tracked from fields in CRM to the documents uploaded about that record.

Track everything ...

DocMan builds on this by adding Metadata to any document we hold, so you can track what types of documents you hold using SharePoint Content Types, and tag Metadata to these documents.

This Metadata can be easily configured and easily edited within CRM to help us define what document you hold, and whether this contains any GDPR relevant Personal Data.

In addition, the Metadata for a Document can default to values mapped from fields in CRM to help us get the best from storing documents.

  • Identifying the source of the Documents you hold, and who this Document can be shared with for compliance of the Information you hold.
  • Annotating Documents with Notes, Tags, Version Management and other Metadata to help teams work with documents productively.
  • Searching of Documents by Tags to quickly find a specific document or group of documents.
  • Metadata can be easily added in a simple User Interface, or configured to populate automatically based on any field or condition in CRM.

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