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This is the area for the dark arts of development, and in particular, web and mobile development. Dynamics and all CRM is all about business rather than technology, but having a good grasp of the technical components running behind the scenes of Dynamics and the Cloud makes for better technical consultancy which we find leads to better business decisions

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We were tasked by a client to look at what levels of Database Encryption (Encryption at Rest) were in place and also how we could fill in any gaps. Here in the UK we would be talking about the sensitive personal information covered by.... More

TDE Database Encryption with On Premise Dynamics

James Binnie | 04/09/2020 09:41:00

Since GDPR came into effect 2 years ago, many companies have had to make changes to their ways of working. Companies must now gain consent from people in order to collect their personal data, and must also delete data that is not being used for its original purpose. While it is generally a positive thing for.... More

Part 2: Let’s get GDPR Compliant with Microsoft Power Automate

CRM Consultancy | 07/08/2020 10:59:00

At the moment we are working with a charity who collect Gift Aid on donations. The donor has to sign a Gift Aid declaration so that the charity can claim this back on their behalf. These declarations expire after some time, so one goal our CRMCS Consultant Jess wanted to achieve here was to .... More

Part 1: Using a Scheduled Power Automate to Trigger Expiry Date Reminders

CRM Consultancy | 10/07/2020 10:57:00

Flows in Power Automate give us the option to run regular scheduled workflow that is not dependent on a Trigger or Event – a Power Platform version of the traditional Windows Server Scheduled Task. This is a decent improvement on how Dynamics 365 previously used Wait or TimeOut Conditions in Workflow to affect ‘wait-until-X-then-do-Y’ type logic. Historically we.... More

Building a New Scheduled Process using Flow

Paul McQuillan | 19/05/2020 10:00:00

Roll-up Fields in Dynamics allow us to perform a SUM or COUNT of Child Records that then ‘rolls-up’ to a Parent Record. The most obvious example of this could be a simple COUNT of the Number of Opportunities recorded in CRM for a particular Client – so we could then view a simple Number in the Account Form that.... More

Creating a Simple Rollup Field

Paul McQuillan | 29/04/2020 18:30:00

Working with Dynamics 365 many will be comfortable designing Entities and Fields, and then enhancing with Workflow to automate Activities or Data in the solution. The Workflow Engine in Dynamics 365 has been around for a long while now, dating back to 2005 with v3 of what was then, MSCRM. (before it became Dynamics CRM, then Dynamics 365, and.... More

Flow – Getting stuck in for Dynamics 365

Paul McQuillan | 28/04/2020 11:11:00

When reviewing one of our Dynamics Prototyping Projects, we identified a Requirement where we wanted a new Many-to-Many (N:N) link to be created immediately as a new Quote was recorded. Typically creating a new Many-to-Many link could be difficult in traditional Dynamics Workflow, and so thought this would be a good worked example for how we can use Power.... More

Creating a Flow to add a Many-to-Many Relationship

Paul McQuillan | 28/04/2020 08:00:00

At CRMCS, we are big fans of using Microsoft Teams to pull all our Collaboration into one place. When we look at Dynamics 365 Marketing, we can implement a powerful level of Reporting by combining Power BI with the Marketing App. Earlier articles on this blog look at how this is done with Azure Storage and then Power.... More

Dynamics 365 Marketing Reports in Microsoft Teams

Paul McQuillan | 23/04/2020 07:30:00

Assuming we have followed the previous guide to connect the Interaction Data from Dynamics 365 Marketing to our Azure Storage, we can connect this Data to Power BI to start producing detailed analytics for Dynamics 365 Marketing. This guide will focus on how to get started with Power BI using the Dynamics 365 Marketing Template Packs. First, we.... More

Power BI Setup for Dynamics 365 Marketing

Paul McQuillan | 22/04/2020 07:30:00

When we are prototyping or testing Dynamics 365 we will use a Sandbox instance so we can develop and experiment without affecting any Live use or activating a Production Environment until we are ready. We can do the same in SharePoint by creating a Sandbox Site or Site Collection to use for testing and prototyping. There are two.... More

Creating a Sandbox SharePoint Site

Paul McQuillan | 15/04/2020 15:00:00

When we work on a Project or Client Engagement, we will often want to define a group of Team Members that need to collaborate on the Project and be kept up to date for Documents, Updates and Notifications – this can be for a temporary working team to achieve a particular outcome (such as a Sales Team for an Opportunity),.... More

Using Microsoft Teams with Dynamics

Paul McQuillan | 09/04/2020 10:00:00

Dynamics 365 Marketing gives excellent Insights on each Contact or Customer Journey involved in a Campaign. We can see this by opening our Action or a Contact to see the timeline of engagement we have had: The Insights that Dynamics 365 Marketing shows for a Contact included in our Marketing Activities through Segmentation. .... More

Reporting on Marketing Interactions with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Paul McQuillan | 02/04/2020 10:00:00

I’m currently working with a charity to set up their CRM. One thing they need the ability do in CRM is claim Gift Aid against transactions. Gift Aid is a UK-wide programme whereby charities can receive an extra 25% on all charitable donations made by UK taxpayers. For this process, we needed the ability to find all the.... More

Using Flow to Find and Update Lists of Related Entity Records

CRM Consultancy | 02/01/2020 14:04:00

If you are using Postcode Anywhere / PCA Capture from Logate with Dynamics 365 and are failing to see the Address Validation appear when clicking into the Address Fields for a Lead, Contact or Company – then you can click F12 to open the Chrome/IE Developer Console and see the error that is being returned. If this error looks.... More

PCA Capture / Postcode Anywhere for Dynamics 365 and Legacy Form Rendering

Paul McQuillan | 14/01/2019 19:00:00

This article concerns a pretty obscure error that you may see after performing an Upgrade of Dynamics CRM – and so is very much a particular fix for a very particular error. If you are seeing this error in these circumstances, then this is the article you need! However, hopefully this article also gives information on the trouble-shooting.... More

RetrieveMetadataChangesRequest Error in Dynamics following Upgrade

Paul McQuillan | 31/12/2018 10:00:00

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