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   Words by Paul McQuillan

   on 11/06/2020 16:26:00

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Moneypenny is the leading outsourced communications provider, working with some of the biggest names in business to offer Telephone Answering, Outsourced Switchboard, Live Chat and a range of business support services. Their ethos and approach means they are always looking for opportunities to use leading technology to improve how they support clients – which is why making the most of their investment in Dynamics and the Microsoft Cloud is so important to them. Several departments within the business all use Dynamics, so the aim was to maximise the platform wherever possible.

We agreed on having a monthly Sprint proposal where we would look at making one or two substantial blocks of changes each month.

Ciaran Reynolds, part of the CRMCS Consultancy Team, explains how we work with Moneypenny to analyse their requirements for Dynamics; designing, building and releasing in the form of monthly business support Sprints.

1 It All Starts With a Call

These substantial changes begin with a call with Moneypenny’s Dynamics CRM Product Owner. During this call we ran through all the proposed changes across the business.

2 Logging Cases

After the call, we ensure to log each of these changes as Cases in CRMCS’ Dynamics and attach to a Sprint record. A Sprint is a record of everything we aim to deliver that month including cases, deliverables and releases.

1 (003)

3 DocDrive365

    As we work through the cases, we will use our own product DocDrive365. DocDrive365 allows you to seamlessly integrate Dynamics with SharePoint and create a file structure to suit your business needs. Here you can see I attached any related documents and updates to case notes, specific to this case.

2 (002)

4 Testing

Using the Business Process Flow at the top of the screen, we track at what point each case is at. After implementing the change, each case will be tested by a CRMCS user before being passed over to Moneypenny for UAT Testing. We wait to hear back from Moneypenny and we either take the case back to the implementation stage to refine the work or move the case onto Release, which means the change is ready to be deployed.


5 Tracking a Release

After we have all the case for that particular block of work ready to release, we create a release record and add each case to this release. Here we will make a copy of the ZIP file into DocDrive365 so it is ready to be released by any of our team members.


6 Final Check

We will also review the associated cases and make sure each one has been updated accordingly. When each case is set to Resolved + Confirmed, we know the release is ready to launch.


7 Making the Release

After agreeing on a date for the import, we take the ZIP file from the Release record and import into Live. After publishing the customisations we will be on hand to respond to any issues that may arise from an import. Usually the issues are minimal but these things always tend to have teething issues.

Moneypenny can create a clear Dynamics timeline, helping them to improve monthly targeting within Dynamics for Marketing or Sales. By working with CRMCS, Moneypenny not only has a better view at the end of each sprint, with details of every change that has been made along the way, but they also have peace of mind whenever they make changes within Dynamics.

Working with a client such as Moneypenny is intense but so rewarding. As a market leader they are continually pushing the boundaries, and being able to provide them with support - knowing the work we do helps them achieve their targets - is extremely satisfying. Our working relationship continues to grow and we are looking forward to helping them with their next venture.


We track our Cases, Releases and Sprints using Dynamics 365 and Power Automate in the Power Platform to provide a well-managed approach to how we deliver our services in the Microsoft Cloud.

To see more of our work, click here to read how we helped North Edge Capital move to the Unified Interface in Dynamics, or Contact Us here.

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