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Can you use Teams to amplify collaboration in Dynamics?

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 17/07/2020 15:54:00

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Without doubt, since COVID-19 Microsoft Teams has become the de-facto way for communicating at work and organisations have been forced to adapt very quickly. Whilst most staff have adapted well to their new environment, few organisations are equipped to get the most out of the advanced functionality that Teams has, particularly when using it alongside their CRM platform.

The goal is to be able to work remotely whilst being able to locate, share and amend documents in real-time. And, because of the number of staff working remotely or in split-shifts, they need to be able to function effectively without relying on the old-style methods of searching through emails and SharePoint for information.

The introduction of AppSource approved DocDrive365 means that there is now more intuitive and advanced integration between Teams, SharePoint and Dynamics so that staff can collaborate in new ways, surpassing what was previously possible when departments shared the same workspace. Productivity is essentially maximised with DocDrive365 through instant Teams notifications, created directly from Dynamics, giving a virtual common workspace for staff, clients and suppliers.


  • Improve Teams integration and productivity, with Dynamics
  • Integrate Groups, Channels and Messages
  • No need to search SharePoint or Outlook for information
  • Generate a single virtual common workspace for staff, client & suppliers

    To find out how to improve Teams collaboration with CRM, visit DocDrive365 - Microsoft Teams Sharing, Without Searching to learn more or Contact Us.

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