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DocMan, Xperido and Output Formats

   Words by Paul McQuillan

   on 31/12/2018 16:00:00

DocMan integrates with Xperido to combine Dynamics with SharePoint plus the ability to generate complex Templates and Reports from our data in CRM. (the table here outlines the improvements that Xperido brings over the native Document Template functionality in Dynamics 365)

One of the features in Xperido is the ability to generate a Document in a wide variety of formats – ranging from the default Word Document DOCX format, PDF, JPEG or even into HTML or XPS.

Typically this functionality is available via the Xperido Menu within the CRM Screen and this takes us through a three-step menu in picking the Template we want, the Output Format and where to store the Document when produced:


Generating a New Document by opening the Xperido Wizard from the Dynamics Command Bar

DocMan helps to speed up this process by offering a one-click generation of a new document directly from the Form in CRM:


By default this will generate into PDF and open the new PDF from SharePoint on-screen:


However when using Xperido with Dynamics, we can activate a drop-down for the Output Format that we can change the file format we want to produce:


Selecting DOCX to generate the Document into SharePoint and open in Word

For the DOCX Microsoft Word format – this will have the effect of opening each new Document directly into Word so we can review and make changes as required.


The resulting Document in Word

NOTE: This requires our current Windows Account being authenticated with SharePoint – most typically where we are logged onto the Office 365 Subscription.

This feature in DocMan can be handy for controlling what format to produce the Document into, and when working with Word Documents, help ensure the Document is safely stored in SharePoint by default and that working on the Word Document is easy and quick for the End User.

The ability to produce Documents as Images, XPS or TIFF and then be useful for different types of Printing or Watermarking if the Document is sensitive or needs to be sent to the Client in a Read-Only format.

For further guides on using DocMan and Xperido, we can refer to our bank of user and admin how-to articles here.

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