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Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Templates and Marketing Email Messages

   Words by Ciaran Reynolds

   on 25/09/2019 10:00:00

Email Marketing is a common feature for publishing Newsletters and Product Updates to both new potential Leads or updates to existing Customers – and can form a cornerstone of a good Content Management strategy.

Continuing our look at Dynamics for Marketing, we can see how the functionality handles managing Email Templates and pushing out bulk Emails to Contacts.

Email templates allow users to create professional looking marketing emails without the input from a designer. The easy to use template designer uses a list of pre-built templates and drag and drop functionality to create marketing emails bespoke to you.

To create an email template go to Email templates below Marketing templates:


When you have selected a template you can start populating some general info such as the name and subject


If you scroll down you find the designer and this is where you start creating your template. I won’t go through every tool in the toolbox but I will go through some useful pointers.


Being able to track and analyse your email templates is essential for any marketer. Below I have added a button and you can see the link I want recipients to be directed to, when they click the button. I can also choose whether I want to track this.


One thing that must be included in your email template is a legal physical address from the content settings. Without this you will not be able to send an email template, instead you will be met with the error message below.


Too add an address you must first navigate to Content settings and add an address into the Address main text box


To add this address to your template you need to click in a content block and click Assist edit.


Select Content Settings from the Contextual dropdown


Finally select AddressMain from the Property dropdown. This will map whatever you have inputted in your content settings to your template, when it is sent out.



Once you are happy with your template you need to navigate to Marketing emails and here you can start fleshing out the sender information for your template. Once you are happy with the details of your marketing email you can hit the Go Live button and if there are no errors then it’s ready to use


One thing to note about the From address is that it needs to be an email address that has been setup as an active mailbox within your Dynamics. This can be found in Settings > Email Configuration > Mailboxes


A great feature of Marketing emails is the ability to Test send before you add them to a campaign. To do this you click the Test send button and add the email address of the recipient you want to receive the test and click Save and Close.


To send your Marketing email you will need to navigate to Customer journeys. When adding a new customer journey the Microsoft buffs out there will recognize a similarity to Business rules or Business process flows. To add your Marketing email select Marketing email message from the content options on the right. My example will send my email to a segment I created earlier.


Clicking on insights within your Customer journey will offer you various charts on how your email is performing.


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