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Getting Started with a Dynamics 365 for Marketing Trial

   Words by Paul McQuillan

   on 14/10/2019 10:00:00

If you have an existing Tenant of Dynamics 365, then you can easily trial Dynamics 365 for Marketing by adding a new Environment to your Tenant specifically for Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

This is completely free to evaluate the Marketing functionality for 30 days – and as a separate environment will avoid any overlap with your existing use of Dynamics.

To get started, we can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Get Started - Browse to the following link

Here we can supply our Office 365 Username / Email Address and a Contact Number to get started with the Wizard.


Step 2 – Sign-in with our Office 365 Account - The Wizard to add the Marketing App will then confirm you are signed in to your Office 365 Account, asking you for your Office Username and Password if not already signed in.

Next, the wizard will check you are valid to add the Trial License to your Dynamics 365.

Step 3 – Grant Permissions to the Marketing App - the wizard will ask you to grant Dynamics 365 Marketing with permissions to your Cloud.

This means allowing the App to communicate to your Azure Active Directory and to your Dynamics 365 through the Common Data Service (CDS) that forms the backbone of how data is stored in the Microsoft Cloud – this is because the Marketing App will need to access Accounts, Contacts and Activities in your instance of Dynamics to implement the Marketing functionality. (as well as a level of Admin Access to install the Solutions and Extensions into Dynamics for the Marketing App itself!)

We can tick Consent and then click Accept to continue adding the App to Dynamics.


Step 4 – Consent and your Physical Address – the next step will ask for your consent to share your data stored in Dynamics with the external processors in the Marketing App, specifically your opt-in to agree to share data with the Marketing App and Surveys functionality.

One point that may throw up a question, why is Dynamics 365 for Marketing asking for my physical street address?

This is regulate Spam – as it is a regulation requirement to confirm your physical office address in any outbound emails sent from a eMarketing Platform to show that the Emails are being sent from a real physical organisation to reduce email spamming.

For this, we can supply our office address and get started.


And we are done! – we can get started!


Clicking Begin will take us directly into the new Marketing App added to our use of Dynamics 365.

From which, we can start building new Email Templates, Customer Journey’s and focus our Marketing to deliver the intended outcomes. (be that Lead Generation, Nurture Programs, and helping convert Leads to Opportunities to increased Revenue and Engagement)


When accessing the list of Environments available in your use of Dynamics 365, you will now notice a new Environment specifically added for Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


If we open the list of Apps available to this Environment, we can see the Marketing and Survey Apps ready for use.


This sets us up to trial Dynamics 365 for Marketing over the next 28 days.

For further information on adding the App to Dynamics, the following guide from Microsoft Docs can be very useful:

As a Microsoft Partner we have access to spin up new Microsoft Tenants for Demo and Evaluation purposes, so if you encounter any problems, then please do not hesitate to get in touch to help you get started and evaluating whether Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the right tool for your outbound marketing.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a product we are massively passionate about and so continue to post new articles outlining how to use various areas of functionality here:

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