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Happy New Year

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 02/01/2017 18:00:00

imageIt’s that time of the year where we both review our work over the previous year alongside look forward and peer into our crystal ball at the trends and technology that will affect business, projects and CRM over the next year.

2016 has been a tumultuous year, both politically and in seeing how automation and the expanding scope of technology is bringing change and in some cases revolution to traditional business models.

We see the rise of Cloud Services alongside Hosted CRM even into traditional 'on-premise' services such as Integration and Workflow; and how this empowers our clients to more quickly to take up new services and functionality to then 'go-live' in a more rapid agile fashion - alongside using the opportunities presented by Mobile and Open APIs to integrate CRM alongside other ‘Big Data’.

This service-driven model has been discussed and been the focus of the industry for some time, but has now stepped into greater focus and maturity, particularly in larger companies that were previously reluctant to lose control by outsourcing to the Cloud or Hosting Providers – and we would expect this trend to continue in 2017 as more companies look to ‘partner-for-a-business-service’ rather than ‘buy-an-application-server’.

The launch of Dynamics 365 brings CRM-as-a-Service to the fore as a natural extension of Email-and-Office-as-a-Service within the successful Office 365 – this allows Consultancy Companies such as CRMCS to focus on providing the Business and Technology expertise to help companies to gain real value from these services.  CRM Consultants the world over have been saying how the business must come before the technology, and the cloud helps us do that by removing some of the technological constraints of existing IT Siloes so we can focus on the real requirements of the business and which services will best deliver value.

(and when we say CRM-as-a-Service, what we increasingly mean is Marketing-as-a-Service or Sales-as-a-Service, as the CRM Platform focuses on how Customers use different modules or processes of CRM for their business)

This is both an exciting and challenging time for many businesses to see how this greater adoption of technology will change, improve or disrupt existing processes - however we feel confident that this will bring huge positives to businesses and consumers alike, even if the pace of change can seem pretty scary at times!

As such we see having the right technology partner and internal skills becoming increasingly important and a key strategic part of every business.

To practise what we preach, in 2017, we will be continuing our investment in product development to expand our range of Cloud Services, Portals and Extensions to Dynamics CRM alongside our ongoing commitment to Training and Certification across our team – as we see Skills and Training as the keys to unlocking the potential of the technology economy and we look forward to improving our capability in 2017 to promote excellence for our clients.

However, putting aside our crystal ball for one second, above all we hope you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.

Our 2016

Our Team

Dynamics CRM

Our Technology

James Binnie gaining his certifications in Dynamics CRM Customisation, Applications and Installation – and being pivotal in launching two new CRM 2016 Projects over the year.

Matt gaining his certifications in Dynamics CRM Development and Customisation – building new Business Processes for Service and Compliance with our clients.

Zak starting his path with Microsoft Certifications in Cloud Development and Scripting, and helping us fine-tune our Cloud Products to help build better CRM.

James Eyre has joined our team just before the Christmas Break, James brings experience working in Education and Training Sector and is looking forward to tackling some new challenges supporting our CRM and Cloud Customers.

CRM regenerated from CRM 2015 into 2016 to offer a better Navigation and User Interface alongside more powerful 'no-code' Workflow, and allowing CRM to be more personalised (or skinned) to allow for deeper control over the look and feel.

However the big change was the release of Dynamics 365 in November to move Business Applications into the Cloud App view of the world. This brings CRM as an App alongside Microsoft AX for ERP and the new Madeira for SME Finance - and begins the 'split' CRM into individual modules for either Sales, Service, Marketing or Project Management.

The Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn will likely form a big part of Dynamics 365 in 2017 as Social Listening becomes more integrated to potentially allow Contacts-as-a-Service rather than companies needing to maintain their own individual Contact Databases.

Over the year we have been expanding our Cloudbridge Framework to provide better services for Dynamics CRM, Integrations and Portals.

  • Expanded our Integration Service to incorporate integration from Dynamics CRM to Access Accounts
  • Powerful Dynamic Stock Reporting that visualises data as reactive responsive dashboards that can be delivered as a service to enhance CRM.
  • Cloud Notifications that allow CRM Advanced Finds to be delivered by regular Email or Portal.
  • Responsive Portal Design based on Bootstrap to allow access on any device.
  • Services to visualise CRM Data via Google Maps for a more real view of locational data.

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    Grahame, Chief Operating Officer

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