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Following on from Part 1 - Balancing CRM and Asset Management Scopes – Asset Management Hub

How do you build a reliable Asset Management system?
Why is getting the basics right so important before you employ a technology expert?
How the Microsoft Cloud integrates with traditional CRM vs. bringing additional opportunities from the Microsoft Cloud.    

In this short article , we'll discuss when you should consider hiring a technology expert, what you should have ready, and what's most necessary to get the most out of your technology expert. Let’s run through how Ingka Renewables and CRMCS dealt with these difficulties and what the real-world solutions were.


Asset Management Using The Microsoft Cloud - Webinar Transcript


1. Could you tell us how the increasing availability of technology from Microsoft Cloud makes access to intelligence and automated systems easier?

2. What if we don't get the fundamentals of client and supplier stakeholder management right, will it have an impact on the entire system?

Masoud Asgarpour: The definition largely depends on the Asset, but in terms of renewable energy, which can be considered as a power plant it is from the beginning of the lifetime until 25/30 years after the end of the lifetime. Within this timeline Ingka have to consider around 20/30 ongoing different processes from the moment you acquire the Asset:

  • Maintain the Asset
  • Inspect the Asset
  • Take care of the financials
  • Insurance
  • Take care of health and safety
  • Take care of environmental issues
  • Make sure you have Document Management in place
  • Compliance tracker in place to follow local and international regulations

Historically, Ingka had to use 30 different tools to manage these 30 different processes amounting to approximately 10 different monitors who manage each part of the process; however, thanks to advancements in technology and Microsoft Cloud solutions, we are now transitioning from 10 different monitors to 1, with the vision that these solutions will combine and integrate together in the near future.

Currently, the technology available isn’t that advanced but we are definitely seeing a faster progress to integrating to one solution in this case Microsoft Dynamics. As these solutions are not 100% integrated, we are compromising with attached API’s which pull and push data technology advances which allows us to have a full Asset Management Solution in place.

What are the basics and how vital are they for technology to fully assist your customers?

Paul: Getting your basics right first is vital and here’s a few things for them to consider:

Step 1

  1. Who are your suppliers?
  2. How many data flows are there?
  3. Communication of other contractors involvement and the agreement with them.
  4. Are those contractors bound by any SLA’s?
  5. Make sure it synchronises with the SLA’s you’re bound to (internally or by your client).

Step 2

Once you have your core list of stakeholders then the technology expert can begin to improve and speed up processes, speed up communication including portals, making sure systems are enabled to feed the correct information through to us without any Word or Excel spreadsheets and collecting information from people, machines and Assets we manage…

Step 3

Data flows can then be put into play to automate extra efficiency into what you’re doing.

FURTHER READING: Property & Asset Management and Part 3 - “A Jack of all trades is a master at none” – Asset Management Hub - COMING SOON

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