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Part 1 - Balancing CRM and Asset Management Scopes



CRMCS hosted a Webinar focused on Asset Management that uncovered how this industry can benefit most from using the Microsoft cloud. Our main speaker was Masoud Asgarpour, Digitalisation Manager at Ingka Renewables (also known as IKEA), our webinar was hosted by Timo Karakashev, CEO & Founder of Cosmonauts and Paul McQuillan, Managing Director at CRMCS. They addressed the raw and real world of Asset Management from the beginning of your journey right to the end. They also dived into the Microsoft Cloud functionality which provides the best for automation and collaborate for SME's and larger organisations.  

The Problem

  • How do you build a reliable Asset Management system?
  • Why is getting the basics right so important before you employ a technology expert?
  • How the Microsoft Cloud integrates with traditional CRM vs. bringing additional opportunities from the Microsoft Cloud.

The Solution

Paul McQuillan:
When we work in the Asset Management industry using Dynamics 365 we always start with getting the basics right, this includes Sales, Service and Marketing. We are invested in getting this right to make sure that every organisation uses the right Cloud technology for them. For Asset Management we consider stakeholder management, expenditure tracking, day-to-day processes that work in conjunction with an Asset, cases and projects which can include a large number of resources, spend, income, and business processes.

Fundamentally, determining an organization's way of working and core values is critical for ensuring the accuracy of our processes and systems. In the last 3/4 years, the Microsoft Cloud has made it simple to get the basics right and has introduced a plethora of new Sales and Service technology that was previously built into Dynamics 365 but was unusable for Asset Management systems. But now that we have new technology such as Machine Learning and AI, which is extremely useful to the Asset Management industry, sourcing this from the Microsoft Cloud is critical to building a key solution.

The Reality

Timo Karakashev:
Masoud, from a user perspective what are your thoughts on getting the basics right and how did this work for Ingka Renewables (IKEA)?

Masoud Asgarpour: For many years, Ingka has attempted to move away from a separate CRM scope and Asset Management scope. This is a huge topic depending on how each of us define an Asset, this could be a building, a power plant etc... When we took to searching the technology market, we discovered that there was no single unified Asset Management tool out there, our hope is in the next 10 years we will have one, but for the time being compromise is a necessity with a combination of tools which collaborate together. If your goal is to have a harmonised central Asset Management system, you must have the right foundation and infrastructure that is sustainable and scalable because you must follow people up for the next 5/10 years and follow every changing guidelines.

After conducting extensive research, the best solution Ingka discovered was Microsoft because it is a guarantee that Microsoft will be present for the next ten years, and looking at the way Dynamics and the Power Platform have developed, we can see that it has a scalable and sustainable future, which means Ingka doesn’t have to undergo another reorganisation from a digital perspective every three years which is really important to them.

Scroll down to access Part 1 Asset Management Using The Microsoft Cloud recording and further reading…

Next Article: COMING SOON - Part 2 – Use these fundamentals to get the most out of a technology expert. 

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