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CRMCS Insider October 2021

The Relevance Search in Dynamics and Dataverse has been a great step forward to help us search and find key information in our CRM and Power Apps

This allows an option to search across multiple tables and columns in accordance with your security permissions, and present a filterable list if possible options for data we want to drill into.

The relevance search in Dynamics 365 is similar to a 'google search everything in your system' and therefore provides the user interface that many of our users are accustomed to –

and so improves over the previous ‘pick which table and then search’ approach of the standard Quick Find.

When we enter something into the top box as a 'catch-all' search, this appears as a quick search:


With Google-like Auto-Complete as a useful stage one search. However, there is an even better option to ‘show more results' as a larger, broader search view:



It's a fantastic piece of functionality in Dynamics 365, and it's very similar to how one of our clients will search and filter their information.

It's not quite as good as the SharePoint Keyword Search, but it's close and often overlooked in some Dynamics Projects.

This diagram shows what it is capable of:



Their functionality has been available in ‘full Dynamics’ or Power Apps but not being available to our Customers and Partners when using the Portals we can add to our solutions.

But from October this is changing and the Relevance Search comes to our use of Portals for Power Apps.

This will let our Portal Users in Client and Partner Website Visitors use a true ‘type-here-to-find' search and so improve the user experience we can offer using Power Apps Portals.

More on this update from Microsoft can be found here:

We’ve built this functionality into some of our Custom ASP.Net Portals over the years and so have seen first-hand the stronger impact this type of Search offers – so its exciting to see it now come as standard functionality for our Power Apps Portals.

This type of search functionality has not previously been available in Portals but will be available beginning in October as part of a Microsoft update.

At it’s core, the Relevance Search (which you can see in our CRM below) requires you to type something in the top bar, which will search various areas in our CRM for information that the system believes is relevant to your search.

So, if we searched for 'AES Engine' - this will come back with:

· Deliverable Record relevant to the search

· 6 Sub-Components as System Documentation for the search

· 1 Main Component as System Document for the search


Alternatively, if we searched for 'Agent Panel', similarly you’ll get a cross section of possible records in our CRM possibly relevant to what you are looking for. There’s nothing like this in the Portals yet - but it’s coming in the same way.



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