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Using DocMan and Cognitive Services as a Business Card Reader

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 08/10/2018 08:30:00

DocMan allows us to integrate Dynamics and SharePoint with Azure Cognitive Services, and this supports Image Recognition and reading Text from Images.

One of the obvious use-cases for this functionality is to scan Business Cards and insert the Details into Dynamics as a new Lead.

This takes the Image uploaded into SharePoint, reads the text from the Business Card, and then infers the meaning from this Text based on the Format and Position.

This article will show how we can configure the DocMan Image Analyser to perform this function.

Step 1 – Configure our Image Analyser in Dynamics

First we define our Handler within the DocMan Configuration Area – using the Handler Type for Parsing an Image to Text.


We then define a Rule for the Handler that treats each Upload to a fixed Content Type, in this case, a Business Card Content Type.


This will treat each Upload through the Handler as a Business Card, and so trigger the Rules for this particular type of Content.

Step 2 – Configure the Business Card Content Type

Once we have our Handler in place and specified to interpret Images into a particular Content Type, we can configure the Content Type and how different areas of Text should be interpreted into Dynamics.

Our first step is to specify what New Record in Dynamics should be created for uploads identified as this Content Type.

Here for our Business Card Reader we can simply specify ‘lead’ as the record we want in response to each upload.


Our next step is specify how text should be mapped into our New Lead.

Here we rely on DocMan’s functionality to identify the Type of Text being found by Cognitive Services, and specify what DocMan should do with the 1st Telephone Number or the 1st Job Title found in the Business Card image.

For each we configure a Rule in DocMan to map the element found into an attribute in Dynamics CRM:


For this Rule we can configure into fields for the following:

Cognitive Operation Map
Cognitive Type Telephone
Cognitive Position First
Cognitive Action Set CRM and/or SharePoint Attribute
CRM Field telephone1

This will then find the 1st Block of Text in the Image that matches the definition of a Telephone Number and map this into CRM as the ‘telephone1’ field of the Lead.

We can then several more Mappings for other Fields we can match in a Business Card to the traditional Lead Fields in CRM.


This will then define what will be created as the Lead on upload of the Business Card.

Step 3 – See it in action..

DocMan then adds a ‘dropbox’ screen to Dynamics that allows us to connect a Handler to a drag and drop interface as way of uploading the Business Card Images into CRM.

We can browse to this screen and upload our Business Cards against the Handler we have defined.


This then processes each Image uploaded and applies the Maps from the Handler and identified Content Type to add new Lead records in Dynamics.


This is a simple enough application of combining Cognitive Services with DocMan but we can configure these Rules to handle other scenarios reading Photos or other Images to extrapolate meaning from the Image and then invoke actions or Workflow in CRM.

DocMan for Dynamics - Using Cognitive Services as a Business Card Reader

Step 4 – Make it Mobile

Obviously being able to read Business Cards through CRM is useful to a point, but the main use of a Reader would be invoking the Dropbox logic whilst on the move so we could take a picture of a Business Card and upload immediately.

Using a Power App or Mobile Responsive HTML 5 Site we can do just that and use the Photo-to-CRM logic whilst out of the office.

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