Saving Time By Keeping Documents In One Place

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 09/09/2020 15:27:00


Be honest, can you always find documents when you need them?

No? Well, we feel your frustration, because we’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be like that every day. You may feel relieved knowing that you’re not alone, but luckily for us all, there’s a very simple remedy to this problem.

Where’s that important document?

Let’s consider the kind of scenario where documents typically ‘magically’ disappear in the average office environment. We can think of numerous examples,
however, lets focus on the times where being unable to locate documents quickly can cause havoc. And stress:

  • Trying to find a specific email when you’re actively communicating with a client or your boss and you need to resolve an issue quickly.
  • Looking for that elusive attachment, like a PDF, Word document or image, because you can’t remember if you’ve stored in on your desktop, within SharePoint
      or somewhere else, buried deep within your CRM system.
  • When you have multiple versions and revisions of one document and you’re unable to see instantly which version is the most recent version.
  • You’re covering for a colleague on vacation or who has left the organisation and you haven’t got a clue where they store things. Or worse, it’s a complete mess.

DocDrive365 To The Rescue

Traditionally, getting document management right relies on having detailed procedures that everybody follows, all of the time. This just isn’t realistic and perhaps,
that’s when the real ‘magic’ is needed.

DocDrive365 the new Microsoft AppSource approved automated solution to tracking, storing and controlling every document within Dynamics CRM. You can intelligently
link documents and attachments from Outlook or Office 365 in a way which actively associates them with individual clients, projects and opportunities. DocDrive365
orchestrates SharePoint to do it’s work in the background, so you never need to go behind the scenes to find what you want.

DocDrive365 helps you find what you want, regardless of whoever created a specific document or, whenever the latest version was stored. It’s good to know that finally,
searching frantically for documents will very soon be a thing of the past.

To learn more about the Key Features and Benefits that DocDrive365 delivers, visit us at DocDrive365 - Keeping Your Documents Organised or contact us directly Contact CRMCS and we’ll get you started, it’s as simple as that.

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