Keep Compliant & Control Access

Keep Compliant & Control Access

DocDrive365 does much more than simply helping you store, manage and locate documents when you need them. The power behind DocDrive365 helps your organisation stay compliant and can enhance your data security, because you always know where every document is, what personal information is kept within individual documents and who has access to this information.

DocDrive365 pulls together Dynamics and SharePoint in a way which makes both of these Microsoft products work smarter. With DocDrive365, you can leverage the security and control of the Microsoft environment to give you better standards in corporate governance, helping keep you compliant.

By bringing together security and metadata, you have a real-time map of your document locations together with who has access to each document, plus any personal data contained within them - crucial to maintaining control across your CRM compliance estate.

Key Features

  • Integrates security in Dynamics with security in SharePoint to manage access controls
  • Group Documents by content type for stronger organisation within CRM
  • Define your metadata to track key information in how you want to store Documents
  • Use DocDrive365 to share information with third parties in a controlled manner
  • Set Document Metadata based on CRM, or update CRM based on Documents
  • Access controls for both your organisation's structured data, CRM, and unstructured data, documents and emails

Main Benefits

  • DocDrive365 helps aid compliance through integrating Dynamics and SharePoint in a new way
  • Supports GDPR compliance by mapping what and where personal information is stored and who has access to it
  • Introduces access controls for structured and unstructured data, documents and emails
  • Introduces a consistent approach to building and storing documents in CRM

If you're looking for further information about DocDrive365, see our How To guides.

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