Intelligent Document Collaboration and Management

Intelligent Document Collaboration and Management

How often have you been unable to find an important document quickly, when you need it? And, can you imagine how much better it would be if you were able to locate all your important documents instantly, wherever you are working?

With DocDrive365, Dynamics, Teams and SharePoint work together in harmony, just like you always wanted them to, intelligently managing documents in a way that enables you to find them quickly and effortlessly.

Simply drag and drop documents in your Microsoft workspace and keep CRM, documents and emails in one location, so that your team can find what they need, in a heartbeat. Let DocDrive365 automatically organise your files and keep the team updated with the latest file versions, leaving you free to focus on more important tasks.

Key Features

  • Quickly drag and drop within Dynamics documents panel
  • Keep the latest document versions live, with SharePoint and Office 365 direct editing
  • Intelligent tracking and storage of emails/attachments between Outlook and SharePoint
  • Create new documents from Dynamics Word templates with automated SharePoint storage
  • Create your own rules for working between client sites with Dynamics
  • Easily manage Dynamics-SharePoint integration for documents, picture libraries and folders

Main Benefits

  • Faster access to documents within your CRM environment
  • Information is stored and organised more intelligently with DocDrive365
  • Makes collaboration easier, quicker and better
  • Find whatever you want, without needing to look at your inbox
  • Edit documents live, without the need for uploading or downloading

If you're looking for further information about DocDrive365, see our How To guides.

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