Teams sharing, without searching

Teams sharing, without searching

Today's workplace requires a greater emphasis on collaboration between teams, with the ability to organise and manage a more efficient workflow. DocDrive365 is the vital link to enable teams to share documents in a way which practically eliminates the need to spend time searching for them.

DocDrive 365 is the first Microsoft AppSource approved solution which enhances document management functionality between Dynamics 365, Teams and SharePoint. With DocDrive365, your teams can locate, share and amend documents in real-time, from multiple locations, whilst eliminating the need to search Outlook or SharePoint for the critical information you need.

Key Features

  • Integrates Groups, Channels and Messages between Dynamics and Teams
  • Generate easy-to-use rules within Dynamics (e.g. for Projects, Cases etc.) which reflect as a New Group or Channel within Teams
  • Every Team and Every Channel can be an activity feed, based on events and workflow in Dynamics
  • Get notifications and reminders within Teams, created from within Dynamics

Main Benefits

  • Improve team productivity across your CRM
  • Share Dynamics, Teams and SharePoint document content more easily
  • DocDrive365 provides an integrated, single business model, making it easier to collaborate
  • Remove the need to search for documents across your team
  • Create and control a single common workspace for staff, suppliers and clients

If you're looking for further information about DocDrive365, see our How To guides.

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