CRMCS: Our Values

CRMCS is a fast-growing, UK-based Dynamics 365 expert organisation, with offices located in London and Manchester. Our passion is helping clients achieve digital transformation through Dynamics 365, using best-in-class technologies, to achieve business excellence.

We do what we say we are going to do and have a 'can-do', enthusiastic approach to solving challenges - no matter how big or small they are. Our clients love working with us, because we really get to know their business well before we start working together.

And, we really care about making Dynamics 365 work better for their business. We create more efficient solutions through our vast knowledge and capabilities across the Microsoft estate. We enhance collaboration through incorporating our own AppSource approved technologies. Plus, we drive better results and ROI because we make everything more intuitive, logical and, easy-to-adopt for end-users.

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A. Client - The Company

Our Philosophy

We have five core-pillars to our approach to business. Together, they make CRMCS different to every other Dynamics 365 consultancy and services provider:

Pillar 1

Expertise in Dynamics & Microsoft Cloud Services

We were early adopters of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud Services and were experts because as a business, it's the only thing we do. In the early days we developed bespoke solutions to do much of what Microsoft has only just recently developed. We're now considered one of the UK's leading Dynamics 365 experts and we share our knowledge when delivering client projects.

Pillar 2

Deep understanding of client businesses

We always get to know your business before we start working together with you. Before project terms are agreed, we gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and agree with you. What technologies will best serve your business to deliver the results you want, both now and for the foreseeable future.

Pillar 3

Unique specialities

We have quite a number of unique specialities within Dynamics 365, where we have developed and delivered ground-breaking, innovations for clients. We have a strong track record in special areas like; Document Management, Teams & SharePoint Integration, Collaboration, Complex Case Management, Complex Asset Management etc. Given the number of projects we've delivered, we're likely to have a particular specialism in solving the issues that you face.

Pillar 4

Research & Development

We employ the best experts and the brightest brains in the field of Dynamics 365 and Cloud Services. CRMCS is committed to Investment in developing new Dynamics 365 technologies. We were the first company to develop full Teams integration across Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Office 365, in the shape of DocDrive365 - an Microsoft AppSource approved app. Our unique IP extends to integrated, automated Document Management, plus we have an exciting product pipeline, all supporting Dynamics. Our team is also proud to have developed a number of Dynamics toolkits designed specifically to enable clients to self-manage the solutions we create in a no-code or low-code manner.

Pillar 5

Clear deliverables

We make sure that every deliverable is derived from an agreed business objective, before we start working with you. In turn, each deliverable has clearly defined activities, which we report on to you, so that you can accurately monitor progress, against agreed time frames and budgets. Working in this way we deliver projects on time, within agreed budgets and in line with the business objectives agreed at the start. Having clear deliverables makes everything clear and allows us to focus on working in partnership with you to give you the best digital transformation for your business.

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Understanding Your Challenges

Our strong understanding of CRM and emerging technologies within the Microsoft environment means we deliver the right solutions for you.

Proven Real-World Solutions

As a leader in the field of Dynamics solutions, our pedigree developing and delivering real-world solutions is unsurpassed.

Long Term Support

We provide support beyond our design, implementation and 'go-live' delivery using Sprints and continual updates to our AppSource apps.

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