The DocDrive365 advantage

Explore how DocDrive365 can enhance the Dynamics experience for your entire team and see how adding it to your workflow will revolutionise CRM across your organisation. Click on a feature below to learn more.

Intelligent Document Collaboration & Management

The vital link for seamless connection and document management between Dynamics, Teams & SharePoint.

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Team Sharing Without Searching

Share critical documents across teams in real-time, without the need for searching, by associating documents to individual Opportunities or Projects in CRM.

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Always Available Information

Access documents quickly, when you need them,
even in remote locations.

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Keep Compliant & Control Access

Track emails and attachments from Office, to keep personal information secure and implement full document access control for GDPR compliance.

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Keeping Documents In One Place

Tracks documents in a structure that matches how you use Dynamics, and find the right version, first time, every time.

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Clicks In Place

Quickly connect the lightweight DocDrive365 app to Dynamics adding best-of-breed document management to CRM.

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  • "We needed a document management solution capable of tracking projects in a more effective way - and DocDrive365 fit perfectly into our use of Dynamics"

    Compliance Manager -

  • "If it wasn’t for DocDrive365 we would have given up on Dynamics"

    David Baskerville -

  • "There will still be a lot of organisations who are frustrated by not being able to manage documents when Microsoft is saying that Dynamics and SharePoint work well together"

    SharePoint Administrator -