DocDrive365 - Day Two – Contacts as Sub-Folders from the Account

   Words by Paul McQuillan

   on 13/11/2019 12:28:00

Moving on from how we can see Accounts in Dynamics creating Folders in SharePoint using a more configurable structure, we can then look at a related Entity to Accounts such as Contact.

Typically Contacts we track in Dynamics will be related to a particular Company, and we may want to store Documents in a way that reflects this relationship.

If we add a Contact to an existing Account, this will refresh the DocDrive Panel alongside showing the Documents Area for the record.

Clicking into either will show the list of Documents for the Contact.


Drilling into the SharePoint Location for the Contact, we can see the Folder for this Contact is a Sub-Folder from the Parent Company.


This is implemented by a Parent Map Rule from the Contact Entity to the Account Entity.

If we look at the DocDrive Entity for Contact, we can see how this is configured:


The DS2 Parent Map looks up to the Related Company Record via the standard ‘parentcusomterid’ relationship in Dynamics, and so uses this record’s Document Location as it’s Parent - this works in tandem with the DS3 Bucket Map and DS4 Record Map defined for this Entity.

In this case, building a Folder per Contact (via the Record Rule) based on the ‘fullname’ of the Contact.

This means each Contact will be created as a Sub-Folder of the Parent Account Record, but these rules could be based on any combination of fixed rules or fields in Dynamics.


We will see this in more detail in the next step when we look at Bucket Rules for Opportunities.

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