Always Available Information

Always Available Information

DocDrive is a real-time, team-based, intelligent document management solution that follows your team, wherever they are located. Harnessing the power of Dynamics, Teams and SharePoint, DocDrive365 brings advanced CRM document management collaboration to your workflow, enabling your cloud to travel with you, at all times.

Within Dynamics, DocDrive365 makes it easier to store and manage documents, organising SharePoint in the way that you want it to, without the hassle of having to organise documents or save them for remote working. Plus, you can track team activities, emails and documents remotely, making DocDrive365 the ideal solution for collaborating on the move.

Key Features

  • Access every important document you need, from remote locations
  • Work on documents from Dynamics directly into SharePoint with a single click
  • Remotely track emails and attachments using DocDrive365 and Dynamics for Outlook
  • Document management collaboration is improved by DocDrive365's enhanced integration of Dynamics and Teams, helping remote team working

Main Benefits

  • Team working is improved, wherever you are, with DocDrive365
  • Able to remotely complete tasks across teams, without needing to be office-based
  • DocDrive365 offers a single solution to keep everything in one place, even when working from multiple locations
  • DocDrive365 enhances productivity for remote team working, giving you maximum flexibility to adapt to any flexible working model

If you're looking for further information about DocDrive365, see our How To guides.

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