Keeping Documents in one place

Keeping Documents in one place

Many organisations face challenges when attempting to store and retrieve documents in a manner which is logical and efficient. And, new team members or temporary staff can struggle to navigate document folders to search and see what's available or what they actually need in SharePoint.

DocDrive365 transforms the way documents are tracked, stored and managed within Dynamics CRM. With DocDrive365, documents are always attached to client projects and opportunities, leaving SharePoint to work in the background to create individual client sites for you. Your documents follow clients in a way which means they can be found instantly, wherever you are.

Essentially, DocDrive365 is the glue which binds Dynamics + Teams + SharePoint together to create a truly powerful document management system where everything is in one place and ready to be accessed, at the point in time when you need it.

Key Features

  • DocDrive helps to automatically generate new SharePoint sites, libraries and folders, based on how your organisation chooses to use Dynamics
  • Records are divided into buckets for tracking Cases or Opportunities by segment or group to make documents or records easier to manage
  • For example, organisation of documents can be stored and located by month or by year if you have a large volume of documents
  • Lookup rules can be used to replicate the relationships in Dynamics to how you store documents in SharePoint
  • View multiple document locations within a single CRM Record - for example, to store a Quote alongside individual product brochures

Main Benefits

  • DocDrive365 helps your team to keep all documents in one place, for better productivity
  • Helps gain 'buy-in' from within the team and motivates staff to contribute towards creating a better collaborative working model for everyone
  • Helps you build a well-organised document store in CRM with everything available to view or track in one place
  • Reduces staff time having to locate important documents for clients in CRM, as they're always in the same place, whenever they're needed

If you're looking for further information about DocDrive365, see our How To guides.

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