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   on 25/09/2020 12:03:00


Over one million organisations and an estimated 200 million people currently using Office 365. Only a handful of users actually realise the full capabilities or appreciate what’s under skin of Microsoft’s powerful Office 365 masterpiece.

Beyond the rudimentaries of creating, storing and sharing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and email, we’re comfortable with
the functionality of cloud storage and email hosting. More recently people have learned to appreciate how Office 365 makes
remote-working a little easier for them too. Yet, there’s a lot more beneath the surface that you can leverage from the 365 environment.

Why Subscribe To Office 365?

That’s a good question. If you can buy a stand-alone office suite for a lot less, what’s the big deal? First of all the subscription-based suite comes as standard with the very latest versions of every application. Sure, you get security updates with the stand-alone versions but you can’t access the true innovation behind Office 365 without a subscription.

Secondly, the Microsoft subscription service grows with your company, leaving you free to add-on the features you need, when you need them. Many of these features don’t exist with the standalone versions. As an enterprise user you’re likely to have access to Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, plus greater storage capacities for your organisation to work with.

Office 365 Is Great, But Why Do I Need DocDrive365 As Well?

If your organisation uses Office 365 it’s very likely that you’ve struggled to get to grips with managing documents effectively across the organisation. And, almost certainly colleagues have already lost valuable time trying to store, manage and retrieve documents and email attachments when they’re needed.

Adding DocDrive365 instantly automates document management across the Microsoft environment, including Teams, SharePoint and Dynamics 365. With DocDrive365 you can instantly connect to any other Office 365 subscriber, adding that extra finesse and speed to your daily workflow.

DocDrive365 is Azure hosted for the ultimate speed and security you need. Plus it’s AppSource approved giving you peace of mind. DocDrive365 seamlessly integrates Dynamics, Teams and SharePoint, with Office 365, helping you deliver productivity, efficiency, security and keep compliant.

Find out more. Read a recent Case Study of how one organisation benefitted from integrating DocDrive365 with Office 365.
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