CRMCS launches new AppSource approved DocDrive365

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 19/06/2020 15:25:00

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With the increasing demand to make Dynamics collaborate better with Teams and SharePoint, CRMCS has introduced Microsoft AppSource approved DocDrive365.

Make Dynamics work better for you with DocDrive365 - the first intelligent document management app for collaboration between Dynamics, Teams & SharePoint. Document tracking, storage and automation is so much easier with DocDrive365 - simply drag and drop documents in CRM and harness the power to organise metadata rich documents within the Microsoft Cloud.

Hosted in Azure and certified by AppSource, DocDrive365 improves team collaboration, remote working, security and compliance throughout the Microsoft estate, keeping documents in one place, so you can always find them whenever they're needed.

Collaborate easier and more productively by storing, tracking and accessing vital documents quickly with DocDrive365. Take control over Dynamics and introduce the power to share key documents across teams and access them remotely.

Introduce DocDrive365 to your organisation - the ultimate document management and collaboration tool for Dynamics 365.


To discover how you can start improving collaboration and document management between Dynamics, Teams and SharePoint, with the added options of improved security or cognitive services, visit Our DocDrive365 Website to find out more, get started straight away by signing up for a FREE TRIAL or simply contact us by clicking HERE

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