The Key to Successful Compliance in 2020

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   on 28/08/2020 14:12:00


It’s Simple.

Compliance is there to protect your business and its reputation. It defines the process of making sure your organisation and personnel adhere to relevant industry laws, regulations, standards and ethical
practices that apply to your industry.

Every successful organisation embraces corporate governance and has an active Compliance Program in place to oversee practice, procedure and staff-behaviour remain compliant with its relevant regulatory bodies. Staff training and engagement often encompasses distance-learning, written compliant-friendly procedures and self-education in the form of reading organisational policy booklets and filling in compliance questionnaires.

Often, all is well until you need to be able to monitor and demonstrate active compliance across your organisation, including adequate training during new employees’ initial training, plus providing refresher and update courses for staff. With new regularity demands being constantly implemented or revised, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve or remain compliant. Manual monitoring planning, capturing data, proactive, training and auditing is both labour intensive and prone to human error.

Automation is the key to achieving compliance, through well-designed compliance programs capable of monitoring results, sending regular questionnaires, gathering and analysing statistics
and keeping track of training delivery. DocDrive365 is a new Microsoft AppSource application which has been developed specifically with compliance solutions in mind. DocDrive365 allows you
explore how you can simplify and harmonise compliance throughout your Microsoft environment. DocDrive365 enables you to stay compliant, enhances data security, actively patrols sensitive
information and delivers compliance directly within your Microsoft workspace.

For more information on how we can help you manage your compliance and access controls, please visit DocDrive365 - Compliance and Control or contact us directly by completing our Contact Form

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