The secrets of successful document collaboration in Dynamics

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 03/07/2020 14:37:00

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Users of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM platform are continually on the lookout for ways to improve user collaboration and better integration with SharePoint and Teams. The challenge is how every team member can effectively find the current versions of every document without having to search SharePoint, or trawling through endless email attachments.

The recent shift towards remote working means that this is becoming more challenging and often, teams are finding it difficult to find documents they need, during the time they’re actively managing individual client accounts.

The Dynamics experts at CRMCS recognised the need for improving the Dynamics 365 user experience and recently launched its Microsoft AppSource Approved DocDrive365 solution.

DocDrive365 introduces a better way for teams and individual users to quickly locate and access documents within Dynamics and edit live documents on-the-fly.

DocDrive365 instantly organises documents, photo libraries and folders and automatically creates new SharePoint sites so that your team are free to focus on their jobs without having to think about the technology behind it.


  • Full SharePoint Integration
  • Significantly improves collaboration and document management
  • Track emails and Drag and Drop documents into Dynamics
  • Instant automatic document organisation, storage and location
  • Collaborate on live documents between teams without downloading

For Dynamics users looking to significantly improve collaboration and document management, with the added advantage of having full SharePoint and Teams integration, DocDrive365 will improve your Dynamics experience. Visit DocDrive365 Features and Benefits for Intelligent Document Collaboration and Management for more details.

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