Top 3 Essential Tips for Remote Working

   Words by CRM Consultancy

   on 07/08/2020 09:56:00

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Remote Team Working is here to stay for many of us and, whilst we may be getting more comfortable with the idea, it still presents its fair share of challenges.

CRMCS carried out its own research into what these challenges are and how best to overcome them!

Top Tip #1 - Communication

Communication is usually at the heart of many managerial issues; having to direct, guide and monitor staff remotely. The key to successful communication is to have a crystal-clear plan with robust document management procedures incorporated into your daily management activities. You need to focus more on managing communication across different networks to optimise productivity and reduce your dependence on excessive phone and email communications, which are unnecessary, once you’ve got your plan and improved your document management strategies.

Top Tip #2 - Scheduling

Remote working can cause managers a real headache; keeping on top of who is working, logged on and answering important customer enquiries, on time. Waiting for staff to respond to you and emailing them directly often causes delays and negatively affects productivity. Many of these issues can be solved by using Teams and Dynamics to schedule team shifts, pick-up on email alerts for unanswered internal messages, video conference and, give instant access to any document staff need, whenever they need it. Simply use scheduling to keep everything under control.

Top Tip #3 - Tracking Employee Performance

Whether your workforce is operating to fixed or flexible work patterns, tracking performance against objectives is always going to be extremely difficult to achieve. First of all, you need to have clear in your expectations and also have the tools to monitor and manage each member of staff in a simple and motivational way. So, you need to be clear, set realistic goals and deadlines, plus have all the necessary tools at your disposal to monitor and motivate individual members of your team.

CRMCS has just launched DocDrive365 to enable you to harness the power of communicating better from within Dynamics, to help you schedule more effectively and to ensure that you have the right tools for tracking employee performance.

To avoid disconcert, it’s beneficial to monitor and evaluate employee productivity, quality of work and time management. Utilising and investing in quality productivity software creating one line of business will enable you to monitor project status’ and be explicitly honest about your expectations.

For any further information or to arrange or if you want to see how you can achieve this for your organisation, visit DocDrive365 by clicking this link or Contact Us directly on 0161 348 7360  -

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