DocDrive365 Day Six: Sharing Documents by Email

   Words by Paul McQuillan

   on 29/11/2019 13:00:00

Sharing Documents is often a vital part of communicating letters, contracts and other longer form information with our Clients and Suppliers.

However Email Attachments are not always the best way for us to do this – and so DocDrive offers us three options for sharing a Document or set of Documents by Email.

We first open the Dynamics Record where we are storing our Documents:


Highlighting Multiple Documents in DocDrive365

We can select one Document at a time here, or hold CTRL to select multiple Documents.

We can then click EMAIL to decide how to share our Document(s) over email:


Email Link – this puts a link directly into SharePoint in the Email rather than an Attachment – this is only useful if the Recipient of the Email has access to SharePoint.

Email as External Link – this puts a link into the email, but this gives external users the ability to download the Document.  The Link in this Email is (by default) only valid for 7 days.

Email as Attachment – the more traditional way that attaches each of the highlighted documents as an attachment to the Email.


Sharing as a list of Attachments

This gives us a quick and easy way to distribute or share Documents from DocDrive to our Team Members or External Clients or Suppliers.

For internal use, the Email Link option is best – whereas Email as External Link is best for safely sharing documents outside our Organisation.

Email as Attachment can also be useful for sharing Documents outside our Organisation, but using Attachments has its drawbacks and so can be best avoided if possible.

For example, external links can be closed if an email is sent to the wrong recipients in error, and will expire naturally after a period of time – whereas an Attachment is ‘out in the wild’ as soon as it is Sent.

Delivering Data Breaches by Email


Sharing the same 3 Documents via External Time Limited Links in the Email instead

We can also look at how we track Incoming Emails with Attachments, and ensuring we store these attachments safely in SharePoint when tracking the Email in Dynamics – this will form Day 7 in our DocDrive Tutorials.

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